Plaster Refinishing

We love Resurfacing Swimming Pools and it is recommended about Every 15 Years or Less.  The right Plaster combined with a Beautiful Trim Tile can Really bring Your Pool Back Life and Give it a Look that You can be Proud to Show to Your Friends and Family.  In Todays world there are Many Different Colors and Finishes to Choose From and We have Samples.  Call 713-818-4868 ext. 1 To Schedule an Consultation Today.


Pool Tile Upgrades

A Swimming Pools Tile can be an Amazing Eye Catching Detail.  We Really Enjoy Choosing the Right Tile for the Rejuvenation of Your Pool! We have a Mini Mobile Showroom and can Drive out to Your Property and Help You Select The Tile that You feel is the Best choice to Enhance Your Pools Look!

Pool Coping Upgrades & Repairs

Coping is the Stone, Concrete, or Brick Rim Perimeter of the Swimming Pool.  We Remove old Coping and Replace with The Coping of Your Choice!  We Recommend a Natural Stone that Compliments the Tile, Plaster and Deck finish.

We carry in our Mini Mobile Showroom Several Different Colors of Travertine Coping for You to Choose from.

Call 713-818-4868 ext. 1 To schedule a Consultation Today!

Hand Carved Limestone Deck Overlays & Spray Deck Finishes

We are Extremely Proud to Offer a Superior Quality Deck Overlay that is a One of a Kind, Custom, Luxury, Hand Carved Finish that looks like Natural Stone and is 10x more Durable than Concrete.  My Team of Professionals are True Artists and Their Next Canvas is your Old Concrete around the Pool, Back Deck, Sidewalks, and Driveways!

Spray Deck Finishes available in the Color of Your Choice and Hand Troweled to a Smooth Finish.

Call 713-818-4868 Ext.1 To Schedule an Appointment Today to Review Your Deck Renovation Options.